On Maha Chai Road in Bangkok’s Old City, the line to get into a certain pad thai place already stretches down the street an hour before it opens. Make it at home in just 30-40 minutes with Rachael Lake’s vegetarian kit. No searching specialty markets for palm sugar, tamarind, or Thai chili: Every ingredient you need, including tofu, is inside the box, in just the right amounts to achieve the ideal Thai balance of sweet, tangy, salty, and sour. The box’s contents are shelf-stable, so no worries about wilting or spoilage. If you’d like to add eggs, bean sprouts, carrots, etc., the easy-to-follow recipe card tells you how. Low in effort, high in satisfying flavor, it’ll impress everyone you make it for, including you. Makes four adult servings. Hand assembled in Sunnyvale, California, from global ingredients.

Kit Includes
– small take-out box
– all ingredients
– recipe card

Makes about 4 meal servings.