Teavana® ‘teaologists’ are pleased to share the art and secrets of brewing the perfect cup of tea. This chart will help you brew your favorite tea for the highest quality flavor.

Important things to remember:

– Tea is sensitive! Some teas are more sensitive to temperatures and steeping times than others (highlighted on the chart). If not prepared correctly, these teas can taste bitter. Simply add more tea, not time, if stronger flavor is desired.

– Prefer less caffeine? Caffeine is very water soluable, making it easy to get rid of quickly! You can naturally decaffeinate any tea leaf by steeping it for 20-30 seconds and discarding the resulting liquid. Steep the leaves again for a super-low caffeine brew.

– Want more flavor? White & green teas tend to have a much lighter brew. If you desire stronger tea, simply steep with more tea leaves, not more time. If too light, try blending with another type of tea like an oolong, herbal or black tea.

– Best iced tea! To prepare perfect iced tea, follow the chart’s iced tea instructions by brewing teas hot, then pouring over ice to properly dilute the flavor. Be sure to  double the amount of tea, double the steeping time, and for optimal sweetness, double the amount of sugar. We recommend using German Rock Sugar. These beautiful, un refined sugar crystals are the best way to help enhance the natural flavor of tea without changing it.

– Tea takes it all in! Be careful to store your dry tea away from heat sources, away from light, and in a cool/dry place (not the refrigerator). Tea absorbs the smells & flavors of things around it when kept in a non-airtight container, which will result in a brew not to your liking.

– Tea expands! Full & loose leaf tea rehydrates when added to hot water. Don’t use too much tea for the brewing vessel…the result will be wasted tea and a bitter tasting brew. Tea is best brewed when it can move around freely, rather than inside a cramped tea ball. Use 1 – 1½ tsp of tea per 8oz of water.

– Again & again & again! Most tea leaves can be steeped more than once with different resulting brews. Don’t just steep teas once and toss; you can get more than your money’s worth with multiple steeping. (Most people say the higher quality leaves will have a better 2nd and 3rd brewing than the original steep). Not brewing another cup of tea in the same day? Simply drain the leaves of excess water and store them in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours for use again.