No more messy water spills to clean up…no more watching a boiling pot. A great helper for busy cooks, this silicone cover keeps boiling water or stock in the pot where it belongs.

Even when boiling pasta or potatoes, there’s no messy overflow to clean up with this curved, vented lid. Its saucer-like shape lets steam, foam and liquid escape, while containing water and retaining heat like a regular lid. Dishwasher safe silicone is heat resistant to 400°. Use as a splatter guard in the microwave, too. Fits pans 6″ to 10″ dia. Choose green, red or purple. Multiple uses—lid also doubles as a microwave splatter cover and a veggie steamer. And it’s a snap to clean!

  • Stops pots from boiling over even when boiling pasta or potatoes
  • Lets steam, foam and liquid escape while containing water
  • No messy overflow to clean up
  • Can also be used as a splatter guard in the microwave
  • Fits pots and pans 6″ – 10″ in diameter
  • Heat resistant up to 400 degrees F
  • Round, saucer-like shaped
  • Constructed of silicone
  • Two small loop handles
  • Removable center piece (remove to use as a splatter cover)
  • Measures approx 12″Dia X 3/16″
  • Directions included
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Net weight 10 oz
  • Made in China