Recently I was perusing /r/cooking and someone was asking about frying in stainless steel pans. Always one to give my opinions and try and help, I decided to comment. I noted the top comment of this particular thread linked to a series of videos that explained, in amazing detail, how to fry using stainless steel pans.

That series, and more like it, are part of Rouxbe – an online cooking school that teaches home cooks, culinary students, and culinary professionals to become better and more confident cooks.  Rouxbe’s mission is to teach the world how to cook. Their goal is to help anyone – regardless of their experience, location, or schedule – to become a better and more confident cook. They do this by teaching basic to advanced cooking skills and techniques – the same topics that chefs learn in a professional cooking school – so you can be free from being a slave to recipes.

I highly recommend taking some time to look at Rouxbe, it’s well worth it!