Taking a salt or herbs between your fingers and adding them to your recipe or food is nowadays common practice and known as “pinching”. Mixing herbs is now more popular than ever and we are often known to actually extract some salt or peppercorns from the mill itself to add to a spice mix. “Pinch” herbs are herbs mixes which are often based on salt. By mixing spices very surprising combinations arise which are usable for many dishes. Admit it, what is more delicious than adding your own natural herb mix to a dish? Whether it comes to pinching or crushing the spices, Pinch & Grind is the perfect tool for both. The lid can be easily removed with the resultant spacious opening making it easy to pinch. By turning the lid upside down it can be used as pinch jug.

To allow you to not only prepare your spice blends but also store them neatly and clearly there is also our range of Pinch & Grind spice jars. These are transparent jars with colored lids so that you can easily identify a particular spice mix you have created. The contents of the jars can then be simply transferred into the mill followed by switching the colored lid to the mill so then you know which spice mix is in the mill.