Basheer Tome of GeorgiaTech has designed a toaster that detects the color of the toast in order to meet the user’s preference. Noting that “even the best toasters are inconsistent and unpredictable,” Tome set out to solve the problem once and for all, identifying certain universal issues with toasters:

Unpredictable on First Use: The majority of toasters measure toast based on time yet with zero standards or consistency between brands, models, and toasters, how do you know… the right setting on the first attempt?

Inconsistent Results Every Time: With dozens of variable factors such as type of bread, climate, and more, time becomes an incalculable measurement and each attempt to toast a slice of bread a gamble requiring users to anxiously hover over their device.

Filled with Stopgap Features: Top selling toasters include features like “bagel,” “frozen,” and “lift and look” but all of these simply act as band-aids to cover up the root of the problem: toasters are blind to their contents and their users don’t trust them.

Hue harnesses the power of an array of color sensors via a simple interface in order to intuitively and smartly toast bread to that perfect shade of golden brown.

Simple, Adaptable, & Worry-free

What you see is what you get. Hue has the ability to see color the way you do so toast is browned to precisely the color you’ve set regardless of variations in time, climate, or more. Toasting only stops once the sensors hit their mark.

No Extra Frozen Mode

Hue adapts with no extra settings. Because bread only caramelizes once it reaches around 340°F, it doesn’t begin browning until it has completely thawed and heated back up and the sugars begin breaking down.

No Extra Bagel Mode

With bagels, however, the inside surfaces need to be toasted more than the darker outer crusts. The color sensors pickup on the color difference between the two sides and adjust the intensity of the heat proportionally.